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The what, why and who behind Zippy Pantry

Welcome to our community for joyfully functional foods.

Who decided functional food had to be boring, intimidating or exclusive? We believe food should be functional because feeling (and looking) our best directly correlates to what we consume.

Tired of the intimidation, shame, guilt, and general angst that came with finding foods that were as purpose-driven as they were delicious, we set out to create new kind of community for functional foods – one that’s inviting, straightforward, smart and fun.

Zippy Pantry is your go-to for medicinally-minded snacks and staples from emerging brands. We put function, form and flavor first always, in order to deliver greater happiness and health within our community.

As founders coming from the beauty industry, we saw a common thread between building your personal pantry and your beauty routine. Products need to work, be recommended the people you trust, make you feel good inside and out, fit with your lifestyle and align with your values.

We assembled a group of chefs, nutritionists, wellness practitioners, and fitness instructors to help create our standards (The Zippy Seal!) and select the brands we carry.

Our Taste Buds (our official taste testers – foodies, content creators, and nutrition experts) vet every item so that we can recommend taste bud tingling foods based on your lifestyle, nutrition and inside-out wellness goals.

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I'm from Houston, went to Georgetown, started my career in the beauty industry then started working for a small consultancy helping founder-led brands launch and scale. Food has always been a huge part of my life, from the smells that would fill my family’s kitchen at home to the ones that now fill mine when I spend an afternoon baking or an evening playing hostess. But I’ve also always been fascinated by how we can make our foods work harder to deliver on nutrition, health and beauty benefits. I noticed my friends doing this too, and when Alexa (you’ll meet her next) approached me with a cool idea for getting functional foods into the hands of more people, I was sold. Click below to read my whole food journey.


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I'm from Philadelphia, went to Georgetown, started my career in the beauty industry then started a small consultancy helping founder-led brands launch and scale (sound familiar?). I love food but our relationship has had its ups and downs. My snacking habits used to make me feel guilty. Then I started seeking out snack foods that had nutritional value and functional benefits. I had friends doing the same thing, who also shared similar struggles. So I thought, there needs to be a community around this that removes the stress around healthy eating and brings back the joy. And here we are. Click below to read my whole food journey.


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