Welcome to The Pantler

Meet the Pantler, the official blog of the Zippy Pantry and an educational, inspirational source of all things pantry.

Wait, what’s a Pantler? Back in the day (we’re talking Downton Abbey days), the Pantler was the official officer in charge of the bread and the pantry. There’s way more pantry history lessons where that came from (stay tuned.)

So by now you’ve probably read about the Zippy Pantry and what we’re doing here. If you haven’t, here’s a quick recap:

We’re a co-op for joyfully functional pantry foods. We believe feeling good directly correlates to what we consume and how we consume it, which is why food needs to be accessible, functional and fun.

Like all genius ideas, the Zippy Pantry was born out of frustration.

Tired of the intimidation, shame, guilt, and general angst that came with finding or making healthy foods we could enjoy, we saw the need for a new kind of community for functional foods – one that’s inviting, trustworthy, inventive, smart and fun.

We thought about our habits and realized the majority of what we were making, baking or snacking was coming from the pantry.     

We aren’t food experts, so we assembled a group of chefs, herbalists, aromatherapists, environmentalists, doctors, wellness coaches, and fitness instructors to help inform our perspective.

We focus on sourcing the most joyfully functional snacks and supplies you’d find in your dream pantry – think dry goods, oils, sauces, spreads, honeys, nuts, spices – all packed with heavy hitting, healthful nutrients.

We’re here to empower your lifestyle and be a mode for you to discover the brands that will inspire you to do your thing, your way. All makers, bakers and snackers have a place here. 

The Pantler is meant to be your go-to resource for pantry knowledge.

We’ll cover things like:

  • Pantry Raids: A look into pantries of some of our foodie friends, family, founders, and female leaders

  • Meals in a Zip: Quick pantry fixes using 5 ingredients or less or in under 10 minutes

  • Recipes: Favorite pantry centric meals, snacks and desserts

  • Ingredient Highlights: Functional favorites like adaptogens, nootropics and other herbs

  • Founder Features: Stories about our favorite food founders

  • Favorite Swaps: Swapping out traditional pantry items for healthier, more nutritious options

  • Global Pantries: A peek at the favorite pantry staples from other parts of the world

  • Food Innovation: What’s happening in pantry foods

  • Sustainability: How can we maximize the lifetime value of our foods and their packaging to ensure most good (or least harm) on our planet

We’ll try to balance long form content that inspires and educates with equally enjoyable but readily snackable snippets and products.  We promise to be reliable and well researched, but not predictable or pretentious (we never take ourselves too seriously.)

We’re so happy you’re part of our community, and we want to hear from you. We hope you’ll share your feedback and ideas with us. The Pantler is as much yours as it is ours.

Join the fun @zippypantry
Join the fun @zippypantry
Join the fun @zippypantry
Join the fun @zippypantry