Thinking of Going Keto? Start Here!

Whether you’re already on the keto bandwagon or just here to dip a toe, we’ve got a bunch of products perfect for this low-carb, high-fat diet. Check out our favorite products and get the full rundown on Keto living.

Keto 101: What is it?

 “Keto” – aka the Ketogenic diet – is based on ketosis, the fat-burning mode your metabolism goes into when you reduce carb intake. Instead of burning carbs (glucose), your body burns fat to get energy, increasing the presence of Ketones in your body and putting it into a state of Ketosis. 

The Benefits: Why go Keto?

 The Keto diet can support a range of benefits for your mental and physical health. We’re talking about: 

- Improved mental clarity
- Lower blood pressure
- Stabilized blood sugar

Best Practices: How to Keto

- Kick the carbs: Avoid excess carbs, sugars, and starches Team

- Smarter snack attacks: snacking can increase blood sugar levels, kicking you out of ketosis. If you feel the urge, find something fat-protein packed, like nuts, low-sugar nut butter or a seed-based bar. We love Butterfly Superfoods, Pizootz and Keho Life

- Get keen on lean: Stick with egg dishes and lean protein with veggies.

- Skip the bun: Go for the burger but forgo the carbs.


Raid the Zippy Pantry: Our Keto Faves

We’ve got the scoop on Keto. If you’re ready to ditch carbs and keep an eye on your daily macros, cover your bases and stock your pantries. Here are the top ketogenic products we love and know you will too: 

Pasta Sauce

From Not Just. This wholesome, delicious sauce doesn’t just dress up a plate of pasta: roll it up with rotisserie chicken enchiladas, crack in eggs and bake shakshuka, simmer with beans to make chili, pressure-cook a pot roast.

Chocolat Noir Bouchees

From Becca’s Petites. Rich chunks of dark chocolate are paired with almond butter, cinnamon, and a sprinkle of pure sea salt. Organic coconut syrup adds a touch of sweetness, making Chocolat Noir as addictive as it is decadent. Just like the enticing film noir movies of the 1940s, this mix is a tad dark and dangerous with its rich, seductive chocolate bits.

Chia Smash

From Oswald Co. Chia Smash is a simple, nutritious spin on 'jam.' Bursting with real fruits, packed with chia seeds and sweetened only with dates, our Chia Smash is made to taste great and make you feel great. No refined sugars. No artificial ingredients. No preservatives. You can trust every bite. Made with just four ingredients; fruit, chia seeds, dates, and lemon juice. That's it.

Tex Mex Moment Savory Bite

From Keho Life. No time to taco truck? Tex-mex moment is your spicy smoky sidekick. It has a rich smoky flavor with a touch of heat from the peppers and chili. It is a solid salad of bold vibrant veggies. It even has avocado oil! The bets are on this being the best seller.

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Join the fun @zippypantry
Join the fun @zippypantry
Join the fun @zippypantry