The Three Musketeers of Superfoods: Reishi, Turmeric and Matcha OH MY

Everything you need to know about Matcha, Reishi, and Turmeric - they're all pretty magical if you ask us

Here at Zippy Pantry, we’ve got an arsenal of superpowers (or superfoods that is). Whether you season, sauce, sautee or stir your superfoods, we’ve got the scoop on their health benefits (in addition to a tasty lineup of ready-to-go products). Three’s a charm, so we’ve picked a few of our favorites to tell you about. 


As trendy as it is tasty, Matcha offers a caffeine kick and a host of health benefits. It’s anti-inflammatory properties combat free radicals, boost brain function, and can decrease your risk of heart disease. Sometimes we all need a break from coffee, so Team Zippy likes to kickstart our day with this  Instant Matcha Latte. It’s an adaptogenic vegan wonder that gives us our caffeine boost without the jitters!


While reishi may not be the latest latte fad, this mighty mushroom is bound to steal the limelight. For many years, Reishi has been a staple in Eastern medicine and is now a global hot commodity amongst the health-conscious. Here’s why reishi is our newest obsession:

  1. It’s a major immune booster. Reishi helps your white blood cells fight off infections.
  2. Reduces fatigue and boosts your mood. 
  3. Reishi can help lower blood sugar

How can you take your dose of Reishi? Because it doesn’t taste like the mushrooms you might have in your kitchen, Reishi works best when mixed with some of your favorite flavors. Try it in your bedtime tea, or mixed into the cozy hot chocolate you’re sipping by the fireplace. We at Zippy can do you one better with our Chocolate Reishi Nut Butter. It’s decadent, desserty, spreadable goodness. Chocolate makes it seductive, reishi mushrooms make it fancy. We like to slather it on everything...or just lick the spoon!


It doesn’t get more dynamic than turmeric. From sweet to savory, lattes to curry, Turmeric is the hip seasoned chef’s BFF. Turmeric is here to spice up your life, and your health. Curcumin is the main active ingredient in turmeric. It has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and is a very strong antioxidant. Curcumin is strongly anti-inflammatory. It’s so powerful that it matches the effectiveness of some prescription drugs, without the side effects. It has powerful antioxidant effects too, stimulating your body’s antioxidant enzymes. So, what happens when turmeric meets Zippy Pantry? Snacks on Snacks on Snacks. We’re talking snackable puffs, sparkling libations, a sweet spread, and one of our fave on the go snacks. Here’s our line up of Turmeric all-stars:

Turmeric Garlic Popped Water Lily Seeds These crunchy, gluten-free pops are a flavor trifecta of turmeric, Himalayan pink salt, and savory garlic.

Orange Turmeric Sparkling Apple Cider Vinegar  Fresh-squeezed navel oranges alongside Indian turmeric are refreshing and aromatic. Our go-to sparkling digestif.

Turmeric Maple Pecan Nut Butter Turmeric, warm spice, and the subtle sweetness of maple blend perfectly with silky smooth vegan pecan butter.

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